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If you have any questions about oil painting or if you want to know our price , or items of payment and Transport etc.Please contact us by E-mail or telephone


When you are satisfied with the paintings we offered on our web ,you can order them by E-mail. if you like to order some special or other oil painting .you may just send your picture/ photo or better print to us what you want by post or E- mail .

In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles to you , please make sure that all detailed order information : painting name or painting serial number/ size/ price /quantity and the detailed request of quality and tell us other your any requirement.. please also write clearly your detailed Address and way of contact .we will craft your order exactly according to your request.


You'll receive a confirmation order list from us, after you send E-mail.

if you don't receive a confirmation order list in three days' time Please send your order to us again ,because of some uncertain reasons..then please send payment to us ,click here for payment Method

Wire transfer to the Bank Address:

A/C NO: 4548229-0188-211366-2
IN A/C WITH: Liu Xiao Yan
Bank Code: BKCHCNBJ720

one-time full payment for small order is required .if the total amount is less than us $ 2500. / For large order,the condition is deposit 50% on order and another 50% is Paied before delivery.


After we have received your all payment or (pre-pay 50%), we'll produce paintings for you immediately and after ten or twenty days we will deliver them to your hands by conveyance method (DHL UPS TNT FEDEX). If your order is larger or more complicated or over sized painting , It will take longer .

(1) terms of transport :DHL UPS TNT FEDEX
(2) Please inform us by E-mail or in other ways as soon as you receive your goods.
(3) If you have receive severely damaged goods, don't accept them. You should inform us by E-mail as soon as possible. We'll get in touch with the transportation company right away and solve the problem to the satisfaction of you.
(4) If you are not satisfied with the goods,simply return the painting in its original condition to us within 7 days from the date you receive your order , we'll refund all the money except the transportation expenses.


Address : 801 Room 491# Yongxin Garden Haicang section Xiamen fujian of China ( post 361026 )
Tel 86-592-6056019 13306029585 Fax 86-592-6055521
Contact :Ms. Liu
Email : MSN



Our painting studio solemnly announce: we can strictly assure you your personal information and your order secrets.

We produce the oil paintings on Canvas commonly, but we also produce on thick linen / crack and old canvas / plank /copperplateor others you need, Add 10% price for thick linen; add 100% price for plank or copperplate.
For wholesale we provide a better price,The amount of the batch of oil painting is at least $800 .the discount are 10% if the total amount is more than US$2,000; It is 15% Discount , if the total amount is more than US$5,000; It is 20% discount , if the total amount is more than US$10,000; It is 25% discount ,if the total amount is more than US$20,000.



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